Simplicity is so hard to attain and Mejias gets it right every time.

The Advocate, USA 


If [Tom Bianchi] has a modern-day disciple, it’s Jordan Mejias, whose pastel drawings recall the erotic romanticism of Bianchi’s early work while proving, as the critic Pierre Mouton wrote in the preface to Mejias’s 2017 book, “Of Art and Men,” that “queer is classically beautiful.” In “On Second Thought” (2016), the sitter’s muscular curves suggest early Roman statuary while idealizing gayness in the tradition of Cadmus’s fabulist etching “Y.M.C.A Locker Room” (1934), which depicts a scene of mostly naked men.

The New York Times, USA


Jordan Mejias has practiced his art to such a degree that his washes and lines look effortless, yet full of sensuous information and erotic volume.

Out Magazine, USA


Mejias catapults Michelangelo’s nude youths into the here and now., Germany


Jordan Mejias … has moved the Sistine Chapel onto today’s coffee table.

Vangardist, Austria


A quick smudge here, a brilliant splash there – this is the artist Jordan Mejias who gives life to male nudes: between color, light and transparency.

Têtu, France


The Puerto Rican painter Jordan Mejias looks for the ephemeral beauty of the moment, between light and shadows, to take it from “here to eternity” with loose strokes, perfect outlines and poses that take away your breath… In his figures, harmony conceals a luminosity and a proportion as sublime as human. 

Makamo, Spain


The New York artist with Puerto Rican roots shows us what “man” likes to see – in a manner that is as artful as it is supple.

Blu Magazin, Germany


The homoerotic drawings and watercolors of Jordan Mejias remind us of ancient works by Michelangelo and Caravaggio, though we will also recognize the modern influences of Egon Schiele, Bob Mizer and Robert Mapplethorpe., Germany


Seldom you’ll find such captivatingly sturdy yet at the same time wonderfully fragile works that pay tribute to the male body. 

Vangardist, Austria


Jordan Mejias has observed the male body so well that these paintings are full of feelings, although they seem to be totally effortless.

Gmag, Turkey


Jordan Mejias is a master of watercolor, creating solid form with splash of pure, confident abandon. His figures have the vitality of the natural flow of water, tamed by a sure hand and a masterful eye. 

Body Language Blog, USA